The CrownDoc Staff

Dr. Will Christensen and his team of 11 men and women outside in Orem, Utah

We have one of the most friendly and knowledgeable dental teams you will encounter.

Much of the nucleus of Christensen Prosthodontics remains from years past. The group runs the gamut from team members of 25+ years experience within the practice, to pre-dental students from nearby Brigham Young University who assist in and observe the daily happenings of the practice.

Team interests include reading, gardening, camping, biking, skiing and rock climbing.

In addition to our dental background, we feel the diversity of these interests allow us to relate well to our patients' needs on a friendly level.


Lab Technicians

An integral part of the Christensen Prosthodontics team is our lab support . Both our fixed prosthodontic (crowns, bridges, veneers & implants) laboratory and our removable prosthodontic (dentures, removable partials & implants ) laboratory are located ON SITE!

This allows us to address any unforeseen situation as it arises, usually with no added appointments to your treatment sequence.

John Archibald, founder and owner of Archibald & Associates and Ric Schwarting, founder and owner of Riverside Dental Arts are available at a moments notice to assist in helping us meet your lab-related dental expectations.